Like many creatives, our passion for the arts began early and grew into a healthy obsession. We both dabbled in illustration, graphic design, photography and music. Leanne became a qualified graphic designer and started her own business. Simon followed his childhood dreams, playing bass guitar and starting a rewarding career in aviation.

We continued to explore our creativity together and eventually discovered resin art. After many hours of research and experimenting, we realised that the art was an unmapped terrain, full of mystery and the unknown. There was little to no information about the art, the materials and the many techniques used. The artists seemingly kept it all a big secret. Our biggest obstacle was sourcing the perfect resin for the job and great canvases designed to suit such a dense medium.

Soon enough, we began hand-crafting our own art boards, found the perfect resin and gained confidence in the art’s unpredictable nature. We fell in love with where it took us and wanted to share it with the world. We wanted all art lovers and creatives – beginners and experienced alike – to be able to join us on the journey.

By sharing our art with others it enables us to continue doing what we love, while donating a percentage of our sales to our most cherished charities. 

Join our crew below to keep up-to-date with our latest competitions, products, resin art tips and more!